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An exciting new Indian culinary experience

Chokhi Dhani has championed local culture and hospitality in India for over 30 years.

Chokhi Dhani: Best Indian food Restaurant in London

Here in London we showcase the fine food, vibrant atmosphere and exceptional service that entrances all who visit our venues in Rajasthan – but with a contemporary twist.

As well as highlighting dishes from this ancient princely state, with its legendary royal cuisine, we also offer dishes from across the subcontinent, with textures and flavours that guarantee an immersive and multi-sensory experience.

2 Riverlight Quay, Nine Elms Lane,
London. SW11 8AW

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Chokhi Dhani Offers Best Indian Hospitality in London

Choose to eat in our fine dining Indian restaurant in London, where the focus is on aristocratic luxury at its most seductive, or downstairs with its more relaxed food offering.

It is these surprising elements that will characterise the whole of Chokhi Dhani. For here your enjoyment will not be limited just to the menu. We also celebrate local culture through our stunning interiors, spearheaded by a collection of bespoke artworks handmade by some of India’s most respected artisans.

Standing tall amongst these unique creations is our awe-inspiring life-size bronze elephant that guards our entrance and is a foretaste of the vibrancy that awaits you within.

Serving not just food, but culinary art that pleases the taste buds and touches the soul, we will change the way you view Indian food.

Chokhi Dhani: Best Indian Food Restaurant in London UK

ChokhiDhani, which means ‘a special village’ is a premium fine dining restaurant and lounge in London, offering the authentic taste of India. This new Indian restaurant in London presents a luxurious pan-Indian cuisine that encompasses both the native-pastoral and royal life of Rajasthan (the land of the kings), India.

Alongside the Thames River, this picturesque restaurant not only serves innovative and creative Indian cuisines but also celebrates the local culture, seen through its traditional interiors. A distinctive fine-dining experience, displaying an extensive range of artworks to promote the traditional art and culture of India makes ChokhiDhani London the best restaurant in London. 

Chokhi Dhani Displays the Best Indian Hospitality in London

Indian hospitality is known across the world, but Chokhi Dhani goes above and beyond what has been seen. The life-size bronze elephant guards the entrance, as a means to welcome guests into this pastoral paradise. Chokhi Dhani London has the special talent of bringing Rajasthan to London in a way that they get enchanted by the place, its stories and its culture. Therefore, it becomes a very unique Indian restaurant in London UK.

Chokhi Dhani London is a culinary masterpiece, with its amalgamation of traditional and continental signature dishes and celebratory platters. Its bar is a combination of stirring cocktails, mocktails and a space confirming a culturally rich and luxuriate experience.

Chokhi Dhani London stands out for its preservation and celebration of the Rajasthani culture & foods. This draws many national and international travellers and explorers to this traditional Indian restaurant in London. The melange of modish furniture and vintage feels of the hand-painted walls and hand-carved patterned Jharoka create the regal atmosphere of this restaurant.

Additionally, Chokhi Dhani London celebrates the handmade artwork of local Indian artisans through Kalagram. This art hub revives the ancient art forms of Indian handicrafts by providing them with a platform to flourish. Hence, you can shop for the most exotic jewellery and home decor pieces at the heart of ChokhiDhani – the Kalagram.