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Kalagram – The Artisan Village

To take forward the legacy of the traditional art forms from the Indian sub-continent, to revitalize its long-lost charm, to promote the indigenous art culture on a global platform, and to employ and empower the artisans associated with such art forms, Chokhi Dhani brings to you an enticing collection of handicrafts entitled under the flagship venture “Kalagram”, a hub for art and artisans

About Kalagram, The haven for the traditional artisans
Kalagram is basically a social initiative conceptualised to retain and reserve the age old traditions of creating beguiling artworks and handicrafts using simple tools and techniques. It operates with a notion to bring into light the unsung heroes from the golden pages of Indian art history. Hence, we employ as many artisans as possible in order to restore and revive the ancient forms of art such as Block Printing, Papermache crafts, Lacquered Jewel crafting, Jute Weaving, Marble Crafts, Pottery Making, Wrought Iron Moulding, Handmade paper making to name a few.  Furthermore, in order to acquaint the coming generations with the innate heritage of Indian craftsmanship and its dexterity, Kalagram features an exquisite collection of Indian handicrafts.

About the collection
Kalagram presents a fine collection of impeccable handicrafts reflecting luxury and style. A promise of premium quality, availability of an array of options, and the uniqueness in design are the key characteristics that peculiarly define the handicrafts from the house of Kalagram. We have curated an exemplary collection of exclusive handicrafts especially designed to add aesthetics to one’s life in the form of beguiling home decor, or as ornaments filled with antiquity. Explore the treasure-trove of ethnic crafts representing the traditions we uphold and the artistic endeavours we adore to make the surroundings feel even more marvellous.